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Stay Updated

EKHO is under constant development by Bitmatic. To take advantage of any new features you should make sure that you are always running the latest version.

Version history

Version 18.01.6598

This version improves the connection between the EKHO software and the EKHO hardware.
It contains a completely re-written driver, that has much better handling of various error situations, that may cause the program to loose the connection to the hardware.

Version 16.02.5894
  • Choose where data is saved
  • New report format
  • Mark/Unmark all under export
  • Changed installation experience
  • Better visibility of errors on the charts.

Read more here.

Version 2.1411.5334

Fixed a bug where the remarks to a test didn’t get saved.

Version 2.1411.5426

Fixed a bug that could cause the program to crash if the user used a touch-screen under Windows 8.
More stable handling of the USB being connected and dis-connected.

Version 2.1410

Initial version