Great new functionality based on user input

With this new release we introduce 2 changes that cater specifically to requests made by our users.


Choose where to save data

You can now choose where EKHO saves the data.

  • Save EKHO patient data to network drives with automated backups
  • Open the same patients and data from different locations
  • Divide your patients into separate groups

New report

A new report has been introduced.

You can now choose between 2 different layouts when printing reports from the system. The classic layout is still there, and you can continue to use that if you want to, but you can also choose to print a historical report, that has all the same data as the classical and a table at the bottom with the results of the previous tests conducted on the selected patient.

We also have several small changes in this release. A more clear and precise way of marking errors on the charts, the ability to mark/unmark everything in the export window and a changed installation experience.

And of course, it is free and ready for download.