What's new in EKHO 2

Existing users will enjoy the added benefits of the new version

Recognizably EKHO

The new EKHO does everything the previous one did – and a lot more.

The design of the new EKHO software was done with ease-of-use in mind and respect for the existing users. New and previous users alike will probably feel right at home in the software with the clean and simple user interface with a strong visual link back to the old version.
There are a number of great new features in EKHO 2 that is sure to put a smile on your face.
Most notable is the completely redesigned hardware that uses the USB interface and removes the quirky setup and installation process of the old hardware.
Then there is the ability to run on almost any Windows computer meaning you can finally scrap that old Windows XP computer yout IT-guy is always complaining about.
On top of that there are all the subtle little improvements that will hopefully make working with EKHO that much more enjoyable.

Feature comparison

Feature EKHO 1 EKHO 2
Does CRT tests Yes Yes
Hardware interface Soundcard USB
Easy to use and maintain Yes Yes
Prints to any Windows printer Yes Yes
Runs on Windows XP Yes No
Runs on Windows 7 & 8 Yes
Support for tablets & touchscreens Yes
Easy to change the language of the user-interface Yes
Export data directly to Excel Yes
Knows the sex & age of the patients Yes
Reads & imports existing patients from EKHO1 Yes
Easily expandable with new functions Yes