EKHO & CRT tests

CRT tests offer a fast and easy method that diagnoses and grades hepatic encephalopathy independently of gender and age in a few minutes. EKHO and the CRT test has been in use for decades in the Danish and Swedish health systems

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What EKHO offers


Monitor treatment

EKHO grades and monitors the level of covert/minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy in your patients making it easy to follow progress


Affordable & uncomplicated

EKHO comes at a very affordable price and is easy to setup, understand and get started with


Ease of use

EKHO is very easy to use – both for the operator and the patient. Just a few minutes of setup and instruction is needed before the test can be performed


Better than the rest

EKHO and CRT compares very favorably with other psychometric tests, in that it requires very little skill and time to complete, and the result is independent of age, gender and a host of other factors

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